Healthy Nutrition

The A.Vogel nutritional range includes highly enjoyable, high quality and nutritious products which can be matched to your needs and taste. Health and enjoyment go in hand for the Pioneer of Natural Health, Alfred Vogel.

Alfred Vogel was convinced that healthy nutrition with natural remedies from fresh plants formed the basis of a long and healthy life.  You are what you eat!  The Pioneer in Natural Health gives serious thought to the question of correct and healthy eating in various books. He wrote the bestseller, The Nature Doctor in 1952,

“How much simpler it would be if man could accept the idea that a wise Creator has provided everything that is necessary, including our food, in Nature!  If we look upon our food as something prepared for us by Him, for our well-being, then we will know we have at our disposal all the known and unknown nutritive elements we need.  Being in their right proportions, they will contribute all that our bodies require.”

(Alfred Vogel)

As with natural remedies, the raw materials for the nutritional products are also 100% organically grown.  All healthy constituents and the full taste are contained in each product in a pure unadulterated form.