Alfred Vogel honoured for his life's work in Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2014 – Saturday night at the CHFA* awards ceremony, Alfred Vogel, founder of Bioforce Canada, received its highest honor, the Hall of Fame award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development and growth of the industry.

A true pioneer, Alfred dedicated his life to naturopathy and herbal medicine research for almost 8 decades. His commitment to providing superior quality products coupled with his vision 'to empower people to maintain or regain their health by natural means’ are the cornerstones of his work.

Alfred’s research on fresh medicinal plants revealed their extracts were more effective than those of dried ones. Thereafter, they became his remedy staple and continues to differentiate A.Vogel products from the competition. Although Alfred began selling his unique tinctures in 1920 in Basel, Canadian distribution of A.Vogel products only began in 1956.

Denise Vogel, Alfred’s wife was supposed to travel from Switzerland to the CHFA awards ceremony, unfortunately, she passed away on August 30th, just a couple of weeks shy of accepting this prestigious honor on behalf of her late husband. It was an evening that she had been looking extremely forward to. In her place, Mackie Vadacchino, CEO of Bioforce Canada, accepted the award.

“I’d like to thank the CHFA and its Nominating Committee for recognising the pioneering work of Alfred Vogel. His dream was to instill, if only to a few people, the notion that nature gives us everything we need to protect and maintain our health. I think he has accomplished this dream. May it be carried on through us all," said Vadacchino.

“There is no doubt that without people like Alfred Vogel we would not have the vibrant and successful industry we have today.”

*Canadian Health Food Association



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