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What's inside of Herbamare?


The healthiest spices are fresh herbs. Chives in particular have many valuable components—minerals, vitamins and bioactive substances.


Member of the same plant family as onions, garlic and chives. "Allium" varieties contain, in addition to minerals and vitamins, these valuable secondary plant substances called sulfides.


«Dew of the sea» was first used for religious cults and in pharmacies before it found its way into the kitchen. Today it is typically used for oven potatoes « country style » and barbeque marinades.


Also known under the name of « king’s herb » Basil is essential for Italian style cooking. Its flavour cannot be imitated.


Also known under the funny name “Quendel”, this herb smells highly aromatic. There are many Thymus species with nice little flowers in white, red and blue, all belonging to the mint family.


Cress is renowned for its typical, slightly spicy taste. This arises from the mustard oils (glycosides), and over and above these, this plant contains important tannins and bitter substances.

Kelp algae

Kelp is a brown algae of the giant kelp, also known by the Latin name Macrocystis pyrifera. Kelp is part of the Herbamare® recipe as a natural source of iodine.


Toasted bread with olive oil, freshly crushed garlic and some Herbamare® salt - get the pure holiday flavour to your balcony!

Sea salt

Our sea salt comes from the French Camargue. There, the sea water is conducted through a network of canals and pools under the open sky. Thanks to natural evaporation by wind and sun the salt is concentrated and dried.


Straight, curly or root: In many dishes this aromatic taste makes a big difference! Leaves and roots contain the same essential oils and lots of other good ingredients.


Is an important culinary herb, especially in the Mediterranean kitchen. Apart from essential oils, the so-called "sausage herb" contains other special plant ingredients such as flavonoids, tannins and bitter substances.


Always tastes great and should be eaten every day! Onions are available in many different tastes from mild to burny – they belong to one of the most popular vegetables almost everywhere in the world.


A great plant! Powerful and it may grow up to two meters in height – the leaves of one single plant are a source of freshness and taste for a whole family.


Is a root or tuber vegetable, rich in nutrients.For Herbamare® both root and the fresh green leaves are used.

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