• The A.Vogel Group is an independent company whose controlling interest is held by the Alfred Vogel Foundation.

  • Today the A.Vogel Group is one of the largest manufacturers of phytopharmaceuticals and health food products on the Swiss market.

  • At the heart of the A.Vogel Group's activities is the holistic harmony of herbal remedies and health food products developed according to Alfred Vogel's recipes and specifications, combined with reliable information on a healthy lifestyle and healing methods.

  • In Switzerland, A.Vogel natural remedies can be obtained in pharmacies and drug stores, and A.Vogel dietary products are available from health food shops and supermarkets.

  • A.Vogel AG in Teufen publishes the monthly magazine A.Vogel Gesundheits-Nachrichten (only in german) and books by Alfred Vogel.

  • The health centre, the showpiece herb garden, the speciality drugstore and the A.Vogel Museum are facilities run by the company A.Vogel GmbH, which is also situated in Teufen.


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