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A.Vogel remedies, nutritional products and health literature can be found in many countries and we endeavour to make them easy to obtain.

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What is Holistic Standardisation?

We standardise our remedies as far as all plants are concerned and consequently the full spectrum of product ingredients. This is achieved by choosing seed varieties of the highest quality, by using the best possible cultivation methods, finding the ideal time to harvest, a strictly controlled production process and by mixing many individual harvest batches. In this way we can guarantee constant effectiveness of the product. A.Vogel is convinced that the large number of ingredients is responsible for the holistic effect of a natural remedy.

No animal testing

As a matter of principle A.Vogel disapproves of animal testing in any form.  A.Vogel does not test its products using this method nor does it obtain raw materials from suppliers engaged in such work.

Sustainable cultivation projects

A.Vogel's medicinal plants originate from its own cultivations, managed by contract farmers, from approved wild gathering and sustainable cultivation projects which take into account the needs of the resident population. In any case, maximum consideration and the sustainable use of natural resources are central to the philosophy of A.Vogel.

Controlled organic cultivation in healthy soil

The plants in our cultivation fields which, whenever possible, originate from our own seeds are cultivated according to the strict guidelines of BIO-SUISSE i.e. without the use of fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. 

Availability of our products

We do our best to ensure availability of all A.Vogel products in your local and regional shops. However, the descriptions and ingredients of A.Vogel products vary from country to country and not all products are available in all countries.

Our partners in the different countries will be glad to help and advise you. Please choose the relevant country in the adjacent pull-down menu.



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